Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bill: Where I am Now

Hi everyone,

I am currently completing my fifth year of teaching at Greenville Public Schools.  I graduated from Central Michigan (may 2006) with a secondary education degree in the fields of mathematics, chemistry and physics.  I was hired at Greenville in June 2006, which I was pretty excited about espically since I missed my interview and figured I was heading out of state to find a job (Opps).  During my five years I have taught from algebra to AP Calculus.  The AP Calc course was taught this last year, and I am very proud of this because it is the first time that AP Calc has been taught at Greenville, and I develope the program and I guess survived through the first year of it.  Along with teaching math, I have also taught physics.  This brought up a dilema for me last year as I had the option of taking over the physics program, or stay with math.  Happily I choose to stay with math.

Along with teaching I have been very active coaching at greenville.  I have coached football (Freshman head coach - 5 years), wrestling (Assistant Head Coach - 5 years) and baseball (freshman head coach - 4 years).  This past spring I had to drop baseball so I could focus on completing my masters (Only way I could take this course).  During my coaching time here at Greenville I have been apart of their first ever State Championship (Wrestling 2008) and their first Runner Up in state (Wrestling 2011).

Overall I love what I do here at Greenville.  The kids are great hard working students and the faculty works well together to make it possibly for all students to learn.  Greenville is a place I would like to spend the rest of my days teaching, jsut hope the budget cuts do not make me look elsewhere.

Bill Breen

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  1. Did you do any conferences or training for AP calc? Did you have someone to mentor you?